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Did you know that Wulff is Finland’s only official retailer of Unibind products? From Wulff you will get high quality, innovative, binding machines and covers for finishing off your presentations, reports and leaflet materials. Important materials need a fitting cover.

Have you ever taken part in an event where you have been given a notebook with your name and the event’s branding on it? Most likely the answer is yes. Then you probably are familiar with Wulff and Unibind’s presentation solutions.

Personalized and branded products are today’s way of building corporate communications. Wulff offers Unibind’s quality products for offices, photography and various industries.

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It’s black magic!

The Magic Touch is the best novelty in the world of printing – and now exclusively from Wulff!

The Magic Touch satisfies the wishes and needs of many advertising agencies, event organizers, as well as digital and textile printing companies. The transfer paper printing system for black and dark surfaces is almost actual black magic! You can use it on surfaces and textiles from cotton to polyester, wood and aluminum – virtually any kind of substrate!  The printing possibilities with TheMagicTouch are endless! One of the supreme features of The Magic Touch is pressing in low temperatures, so the nightmare of a textile printer, the commonly used polyester, has turned into a dream.

White on a black surface, it is finally possible! Thanks to The Magic Touch!

For more information on The Magic Touch transfer paper printing system, please contact Jarkko Vehviläinen mobile +358 500 606 742 or