Wulff Naxor – for worksites, buildings and demanding construction works

Fotografie voor Permafix floorguard met zijn diversen toepassingen, van de de Zwitserse producent Permapack. Verantwoordelijk voor de introductie in Nederland is Robert Furgler. I.o.v Stefan Korthout en Robert furgler van Permafix

Wulff Naxor is the official retailer of Xyron Pro laminating products in Finland. As the sole distributor, we offer customers all of the original Xyron Pro laminating machines and sticker makers, Opus binding machines and Colibri book covering machines. Our product range also includes the popular Permafix covering products for worksites.

Protect your workplace

With the reusable Wulff Floorguard, you can cover floors, stairs and different tops during any office renovation. Wulff Floorguard saves time and money: traditionally you need a lot of positioning and taping when covering floors. The self-adhesive Wulff Floorguard takes only minutes to put in place. You can also use the Wulff Floorguard several times because the guard is made from durable nonwoven fabric and during manufacturing, the product has been soaked in adhesive instead of just spraying the bottom with adhesive. Compared to cardboard covers, the Wulff Floorguard provides a substantially better fire safety.

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