Wulff Group Plc

Wulff enables working in environments where companies and entrepreneurs operate. At the same time, we make the world better – one workplace at a time. We will bring more and more sustainable and environmentally-friendly products to our customers. Every one of us can affect the kind of world and future we will build with our daily choices.

Better working days – wherever you work
Already, people work a lot away from the office: digitalization enables a lot, mobile work creates new requirements for working environments. We work at the office, at home, on a dock, in a café, on train, on a bench at the park, when we move from one place to another, and when we meet people wherever they want to meet at any given time. With Wulff, you can
ensure that the working environment and tools you use enable a better working day.

What would you like?
We offer the industry’s broadest range of products and services that make a workplace. What would you like? We offer our customers office supplies, facility management products, catering solutions, IT supplies, ergonomics, first aid, and innovative products for worksites. Customers can also acquire international exhibition services from Wulff. Check out our product and services at wulff.fi.

In addition to Finland, Wulff operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark  and it has almost 100,000 customers. The customers are attended to personally by over 200 business-to-business sales professionals and also at Wulff’s stores in Helsinki, Turku and Lahti. In addition to versatile customer specific services, the Group serves its customers online with a non-exclusive webstore Wulffinkulma.fi.

The Group’s diverse and complementary service models enable Wulff to serve companies of different sizes and of different indutries professionally and comprehensively. The Contract Customer concept makes it easier for customers to make regular purchases, while Expertise Sales offer local and personal service to companies of all sizes. Both concepts share the idea of offering the company’s own competence to customers. Comprehensive service promotes customer satisfaction and continuation of the customer relationships. Possibilities brought about by digitalization are also in an important role when we develop tomorrow’s operations.

Wulff Group Plc’s headquarters are situated in Vantaa, Finland. The group has 14 subsidiaries. The Group’s turnover was 56.9 million euro in 2017 and the operation profit was -0.0 million euros. in 2017, the Group employed approximately 198 persons. Wulff is the only listed Company in its field in the Nordic countries. Wulff’s shares have been quoted in NASDAQ OMX Helsinki in the Small Cap list in the Industrial Goods & Services sector. At the end of 2017, Wulff had 742 shareholders and the amount of shares was 6 607 628.