Wulff Care looks after for your company’s first aid arrangements


For more information about Wulff Care products and services, visit wulffcare.fi.

By choosing first aid kits and products from Wulff Care, your company is always prepared for accidents and emergencies. Wulff Care specializes in first aid, deodorizing indoor air and decontaminating the workplace, as well as cleaning and maintaining printers. In addition to proper and suitable products for the workplace, customers can get first aid product training and regular servicing – as a Wulff Care customer, these additional services are free of charge. With Wulff Care as your partner, you can safely focus on your own business.

Wulff Care professionals continuously educate themselves and develop their knowledge for the good of your workplace. With our specialist service, you can make sure that the first aid kits are always up-to-date, there are enough of them and they are situated in the right place in the event of an emergency. You can also order statutory first aid training from us.

Wulff Care analyses and evaluates:

  • working conditions and possible factors and handicaps
  • suitable first aid options for particular working conditions

Wulff Care makes sure that:

  • there are enough of up-to-date equipment
  • first aid products are situated and marked correctly
  • existing legislation is observed