Wulff Annual Report 2017 – A better world one workplace at a time

Each year, Earth DayApril 22 – marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Earth Day reminds us of the important responsibility we have of protecting, preserving and restoring the health and wholeness of Earth’s ecosystems. Each one of us can affect the kind of future we will build with our daily choices.

For Wulff, it is important to take sustainability and green values into account in all of our operations. Today, products and services must also have another purpose in addition to solving everyday problems. Their footprint on the planet and our society, for example their effect on the environment, are fundamental criteria in decision-making processes. That is why our mission is to bring more and more environmentally friendly products to the market.

In our Annual Report 2017, published in March, you can read about our previous year and how we make the world better – one workplace at a time.