Workplace ergonomics affect working ability


Ergonomic workstations – new at Wulff!

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Gain more effectivity and wellness with the right ergonomic products

An ergonomically right working environment helps you to better maintain your working ability. The human body is made to move. Even though office work is physically light, static working postures are a strain for the body. Besides taking breaks at work, it is important that the working posture and the working tools are ergonomically designed for their user.

Wulff’s experienced and competent professionals can explain how the workplace can be made as ergonomic as possible. With the right ergonomic solutions it is possible to significantly improve working ability, reduce absences due to illness and even heal and relieve pain and stress. As a Wulff’s customer you will get these services free of charge.

Did you know that Wulff has partnered with the Finnish Termi-products for over 20 years? Wulff is the only official retailer of ergonomic Termi-products in Finland.