Notable people as Wulff’s customers: Peculiar manners and demands


Over the years there have been many notable visitors to the Wulff store, ranging from presidents and queens to artists. Surely one of the most famous clients was Marshal Mannerheim.

The Marshal’s behaviour in the store differed according to his mood; one day Mannerheim would be very polite, a modest civilian, and an other time he would visit the store in full uniform and followed by an adjutant. However one thing always remained the same: Mannerheim insisted on being served by the same sales clerk, Oili Viljakainen. The Marshal had difficulties in finding a good pen for himself because he held the pen in an unusual way, keeping the pen vertically between his middle and index finger. That is why it was important for him to test the pen before purchasing it.

Also President K.J Ståhlberg shopped in Wulff’s store, usually it was for a family event. He was a modest customer and he never let the bought items be delivered to his house, instead insinsting on wanting to carry them home himself.

In addition, many artists were Wulff’s customers, because the world of theatre was known by Wulff’s personnel. Artists such as the fairytale illustrator Rudolf Koivu, the National Theather’s set designer Matti Warén, actors Mia Backman and Aku Korhonen, and the composer Jean Sibelius. However, Sibelius did not visit the store himself, but instead called from his house in Järvenpää. Usually his wife, Aino Sibelius, came to Wulff’s store in Helsinki to do business.

The list of notable customers and visitors does not only limit to Finnish presidents and artist, but the Wulff store has also gotten visitors from overseas. Denmark’s then-Princess, the current Queen Margrethe II visited the store in 1968.